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The Green-Co offers a unique partnering approach where we journey with you, sharing and reducing your risk whilst maximizing cost savings. Our customers benefit from leveraging off the synergies that a single service provider with a proven track record brings. Accordingly your company will benefit from enlisting a partner that’s committed to tailoring solutions to meet these specific requirements. The Green-Co offering is defined by the following four pillars.



water Green-Co Water

Global Water scarcity is a reality. By 2025 South Africa will be approaching physical water scarcity where more than 60% of river flows will be allocated. Whilst Africa is facing economic water scarcity with projections for 2025 at less than 25% of water from rivers withdrawn for human purposes. Our green water offerings provide a simple and cost effective solution to combating this reality through the EcoloBlue atmospheric water generators, AquaTrip permanently installed leak detection systems and the ScaleBlaster electronic descaler product range which removes limescale, rust and other pathogens from the water without the use of harmful chemicals.

light Green-Co Energy

Reliable electricity supply is proving to be an ongoing problem in South Africa and on the African continent. Rolling blackouts have become an everyday reality for South Africans, whilst electricity costs will increase by a further 500% in the next 5 years. Our “Green Energy” solutions provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly answer to reducing businesses electricity usage through the introduction of industry leading heat pumps, solar panels and Photo Voltaic solutions. In addition, our measuring and monitoring systems enable our customers to understand their consumption and proactively manage their energy resource requirements.

trash Green-Co Waste

The Green-Co is proud to have partnered with Pandae which offers an innovative and complete onsite waste management program that assists companies in complying with the new waste disposal laws and government regulations. These flexible options are available and adapted to suit the unique needs of business customers whilst sorting equipment is supplied and available on a rental basis. The income generated from the waste that is ultimately recycled often pays for the onsite waste management program. Pandae is a market leader that has been in existence for more than 24 years.

computer Green-Co IT

IT-related services now account for 2% of all global carbon emissions, according to a new Greenpeace report. That’s roughly the equivalent of a fleet of 747s rumbling for takeoff.  Unless something is done to green the cloud, we can expect those emissions to grow rapidly—the number of people online is expected to grow by 60% over the next five years.

“If you aggregated the electricity use by data centres and the networks that connect to our devices, it would rank sixth among all countries,” says Gary Cook, Greenpeace’s international IT analyst.

energy-green CASE STUDIES

Case studies are a quick and effective way to understand how our products and services have helped businesses and communities in various industries save money and be regulatory compliant.

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Being up to date with regulations that affect a business is a key part in managing the enterprise. In order to help our customers understand current and future regulations we gather this info for our customers in order to improve their understanding of what is required under the law.

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