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The Green-Co offering can be defined by the following four pillars:


1. Cost Savings

  • Environmental assessment of your current natural resource costs and usage.
  • Matching of these needs with the appropriate solution.
  • Ongoing measurement and management of the installed solutions savings.
  • Solution optimizer – quarterly identification of further cost savings.
  • Flexible pricing options via the unique Green-Co cost to install model.


2. Technology

  • Access to the world’s best technology for Environmentally Green Solutions
  • Green Reporting customised for Your specific integrated reporting needs.
  • Simple, easy to install solutions that just work from the moment they are put in.


3. Value

  • The Green-Co is proud to help enable You to meet the requirements of the changing legislative environment in order to maintain your green compliance.
  • Companies that are green compliant and care about the environment are proven to improve customer satisfaction levels, net promoter scores and improved stake holder relationships.
  • The Green-Co provides a unique value proposition including a robust and customised solution that factors the needs of each mine, branch, office, depot, and manufacturing facility.
  • We offer a host of products that will significantly reduce your electricity, water, chemical and waste management as well as system part replacement and downtime.


4. Service

  • Service Level Agreements backed by the unique Green-Co guarantee.
  • Tried and tested installation and support processes.
  • A dedicated account manager matched to your relationship needs.
  • Quarterly customer reviews to determine ongoing satisfaction.