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Smart Energy Meter Benefits

  • Active Energy Management for energy cost reduction
  • Recommendations from an experienced energy intelligence team of analysts
  • Insights through data analysis and calculation of energy budgets
  • Evaluation of energy efficiency business cases based on actual data
  • Project impact report (verification of your savings) provided
  • Site performance comparison; peer review per region/division
  • Sub-billing service for recovering electricity cost generated by tenants
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Water Heating Solutions

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Water Heating Solution Benefits

  • Innovative solutions developed to cater for specific energy needs
  • End to end solutions that integrate different components of energy optimisation for optimum results
  • Capital solutions that put customers in a positive cash flow from day one
  • Hot water solutions include design, supply, project management, installation and implementation as well as maintenance and guarantees delivered as an end to end solution
  • Cloud based maintenance platform for automatic tracking and ensuring continued efficiencies and reliability of production plants throughout their lifecycle


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Photo Voltaic Solar Solutions

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Solar PV Benefits

  • Solar Power reduces an organisations carbon footprint
  • Highly visible solar power infrastructure has proven to positive brand association
  • Cuts operational cost of running equipment
  • Safeguard against the disruption of electrical supply and production down time
  • Facilitates clean affordable power
  • 44 years of engineering experience with 16 years of specialisation in Solar
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to total energy management, efficiencies and cost savings
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