IT Products

Fleet Management


  • 30 Years Experience
  • Complete end-to-end solution
  • Global footprint of over 50 countries
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Fleet tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Asset Tracking
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Wi Fi

My Sky Networks

  • Enterprise Class WiFi
  • Managed Services and outright purchase options.
  • Complete turnkey installation, including RF planning, installation, cabling and configuration.
  • Best of breed WiFi equipment to enable BYOD, voice and guest access over the WiFi.
  • In depth reporting and insight into network status and performance
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Unified Communications


  • Hosted or On-Prem Dedicated Fully Managed Service
  • Customer requirements specific installations
  • Messaging and Presence
  • Web, Audio and Video conferencing
  • Lync Voice, PSTN breakout
  • Skype integration
  • Advanced PBX capability
  • All telephony and video conferencing devices can be supplied together with the solution.  A one stop shop.
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One Net


  • A landline number for your business with no fixed line needs
  • Virtual Receptionist to direct your business calls.
  • Intelligently route calls to groups in your business so that every call is answered.
  • People in your business call each other for free across landlines and cell phones – 500 one net minutes free.
  • Turn your office into a Wi Fi Zone for up to 5 people with a 3G phone and Sim Card.
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Hosted PBX


  • Hosted Cisco IP PBX is a service where the PBX features and functionality are provided as a Cloud Service.
  • No need to purchase PBX systems for onsite use.
  • MPLS connectivity will be required.
  • IP PBX management through a self provisioning and management portal.
  • Dedicated VOIP carrier grade network, with Dedicated Class of service & superior quality.
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  • Voice delivered in a digital form vs analogue switched networks that are costly
  • Enterprise Quality
  • Can be used in conjunction with Unified communications solutions and for Hosted PBX amongst others
  • Advantages are cost reductions, Global reach, per second billing, enterprise quality
  • 30-40% reduction in call charges
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Biometric Access


  • Biometric Fingerprint Devices:
  • Innovation Award Winning products
  • Access control/ time & attendance/ visitor management
  • Locally manufactured & supported
  • Massive supported software base & product range
  • Rent solutions available
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Bio Vault


  • Online Identity Management:
  • Verify identity in seconds
  • Enroll once, use many principle
  • Fully POPI compliant
  • Incredibly cost effective
  • SLA options
  • Usage based billing
  • Covers SA citizens but also any other country in Africa
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Wireless Access

Telecom Professional

  • Wireless Business
  • Comparable to ISP’s Fibre, Microwave and Internet Services
  • Link Sizes from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps
  • Contention 4:1 (Premium)
  • Contention 10:1 (Plus)
  • 5 Usable Static IP’s
  • Synchronous Connection
  • Solution can be installed up to 15km on PTP
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CloudWare & Cloud Gate


  • Power computing in a tiny device the size of a lunch box, with optional wireless monitor, mouse and keyboard
  • Extreme Energy Efficiencies
  • Media player format available
  • CloudWare application streaming and thin client technology
  • Cut the cost of an operating system if you don’t need it – stream your business applications only to the desktop
  • Low bandwidth application streaming for customers with bandwidth constraints
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Reliable WAN Access


  • Last Mile Access
  • Fibre, Metro E
  • Wireless and Microwave
  • Satellite and terrestrial Africa links
  • MPLS with Global Coverage
  • MPLS and AVID compliant Networks
  • Quality of Services
  • Data, VOIP and Video Classes
  • Advanced Network Monitoring
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IT Service Management


  • Multiple IT Service Management SLA options
  • 3rd Party & Vendor Management
  • Hardware & Software Sales
  • Technology Rentals
  • Remote Operations Support
  • Strategic ITC Consulting
  • ITIL aligned Service desk
  • Transition Management
  • Consistent, accountable & agile Partnerships
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Backup as a Service


  • Fully Managed and Hosted Enterprise Backup:
  • Per GB cost model
  • Flexible RPO and RTO options
  • Extended Retention and offsite storage for compliance
  • DR component possible
  • Snapshots for VMWare and Citrix
  • Self management portal
  • Efficiencies through WAN optimization and compression
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Infrastructure as a Service


  • Virtual resource pools:
  • No long term contract – month on month
  • Self provisioning capability
  • Cost effective
  • Instant scalability
  • SLA options
  • Usage based billing
  • Elastic in nature
  • Time to production immediate
  • Shared Firewall
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Office 365


  • Business Essential Plan, Business Plan and Business Premium
  • Enterprise E1, E3, E4
  • Exchange Online Plan 1 & 2
  • One Drive for Business
  • Office professional Plus
  • SharePoint Online Plan 1 & 2
  • Project Pro & Project Online
  • Power BI
  • Visio Pro of Office 365
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Desktop as a Service


  • BOYD – Delivery of a policy based virtual desktop to any device without compromise of network security
  • Increased data security and compliance.
  • Device and Support logistics for your desktop environment taken care of.
  • 72 hr turnaround time for hardware replacement door to door
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Mobile Job Dispatching & Workflow


  • Mobile job dispatching and monitoring solution with GPS tracking functionality
  • Create job cards and monitor status from creation to completion
  • Capture photo/signature, parts, notes and other important fields
  • Integration into external systems.
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Time and Attendance


  • Easy to use mobile phone/tablet application (Android, Apple, Blackberry)
  • Includes GPS tracking and mobile Time & attendance capturing of field employees.
  • Includes team clock in, photo/signature capture, custom field notes, job costing and client visit capturing.
  • Integrates into payroll.
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  • VirtlX is a service-performance management tool.
  • It uses Net Promotor Score to measure the customer journey.
  • Web based, data is stored in the Cloud.
  • It can be integrated into existing infrastructure.
  • Performs analytics and trend analysis.
  • Multiple profiles can be linked to a group of companies.
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  • Innovative communication solutions that enable businesses to measure, monitor, optimize, communicate, automate, save, comply and be sustainable using machine to machine technology.
  • Refrigeration, Diesel, Water and Oil Monitoring and Management through M2M technology.
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