Water Products

Smart Water Metering and Demand Management


Smart Water Metering Benefits:

  • Central Management of Distributed Water Meters via a Cloud Portal
  • Reduced Cost of Meter Reading and Data Management
  • Reduced costs due to water loss
  • Identify unauthorised water use
  • Receive alarm notifications of leak development, meter failure and high consumption
  • 5 year storage of flow profile and consumption data in the cloud
  • Access to specialist water loss technical support team


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EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generators


EcoloBlue Benefits:

  • Sustainable Water Solutions for Residential, Commercial and Heavy Duty High Volume Industrial Applications
  • Pollutant and Pathogen Free Water With 12 Stage Filtration System
  • Works in 30% Humidity Environments
  • Can be used with a power generator in remote locations
  • Solar Compatible
  • Heated and Carbonated Water
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Scaleblaster Scale Removal System


Scaleblaster Benefits:

  • Prevents the formation of limescale deposits in pipes and removes any existing scale
  • Maintenance free
  • No chemicals or softening equipment required.  Scaleblaster is the green alternative.
  • Detergent savings of up to 25%
  • Reduces mold, mildew and corrosion due to hard water
  • Savings on water heating and thermal efficiencies of approximately 20%
  • Prolongs the life of water heating elements and heating equipment.
  • Water softeners discharge brine into out water systems contributing to pollution
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